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Cabin rental assistance for holiday home owners

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Assistance for renting a holiday home to guests

Do you want to rent out your holiday home or develop your rental income?

I can offer you cabin rental guidance and advice, help with individual accommodation challenges and more comprehensive partnerships. I can help you with pricing your accommodation for the best return on investment, getting the most out of various online booking channels (such as and AirBnb) and systems (such as Moder), and improve the customer experience.

In the Fell Lapland region and especially in Levi, I help individual holiday home owners and professional accommodation providers, such as hotels, apartment rentals and holiday villages, with every problem.

You can get my help with Moder,, AirBnb, Social media presence, TripAdvisor, website creations or translations, among others.

Feel free to get in touch!

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Helping you

Hello! My name is Nita Juntura and I’m an accommodation specialist from Kittilä. I work as an entrepreneur in my marketing agency Arctic Angle Oy.

I have a Master’s degree in Hospitality and Tourism, a degree in Business Administration and I have also studied brand development.

My first hand experience is from the hotel and accommodation industry in Levi and Ylläs since 2005. I have worked in managerial positions, until I became an entrepreneur at the end of 2021.

By combining my expertise in tourism, hospitality and marketing, I can offer you advice, problem solving and sales development in the hospitality industry.

Free host overview

Book a free 15-minute overview, and let’s figure out together which service package suits you and our potential partnership! It’s important for me to find out what your problem is, what you’re trying to achieve and how you want to achieve it. Call me or send an email inquiry!

Quick help

In a short helping session, I can help you with issues such as updating your booking system, using online booking channels, updating your booking conditions or your website.

This session aims to solve your problem quickly. Let’s meet online or live!

Quick advice session 100 € / 75 min VAT 0%

VAT at the current rate will be added to the price.

Starting packages for new holiday home owners

Here are sample prices for various starter packages for holiday home owners to start their rental business.


Let's get started
329,00 €*
  • First evaluation for start
  • Checklist for main issues
  • Set up for one online booking channel
  • OR compare and choose rental company


Upgraded starter bundle
449,00 €*
  • Inc. Entry-level Ease steps
  • Guidance about seasons in Levi
  • Traveller profiles for different seasons
  • Guest communication before, on spot and after holiday


Full starter package
569,00 €*
  • Inc. Entry-level Ease and Advanced steps
  • Help with pricing and rate comparison
  • Services included or not included
  • Booking terms

In addition to these, you can include the following services for an additional fee

Guidance for existing holiday home owners

I’m here to help if you have already started your holiday home rental business and you’re now wondering and know what the problem is, but find it difficult to find a solution or make a repair on your own. Challenges can be in the basics of the property, dealing with customer feedback, pricing or improving the visibility of the property in the market.

Here are some examples of where I can help you.
Feel free to ask more information, as I have expertise in many other areas.


Is the name of your accommodation appealing and are the images of the unit high quality and realistic?

What information do guests need to make a purchasing decision and what makes a holiday on the spot easier?

Are the basics of your accommodation in place in terms of equipment, information and guidelines?


Customer feedback is an important part of the purchasing decision. How does feedback affect your visibility and how can you get better ratings?

What things you should include in your accommodation price to add value, while staying ahead of the competition.

Are you contactable and quick with customer communication?


Do you know who your competitors are and what your price level is?

How much are you left with when you put a property up for rent on the booking channel?

Is your booking calendar up to date for the long term?

What can you include in your accommodation price without it being considered a travel package?


Can anyone find your acommodation and on which channels can your unit be seen?

What is or are the right booking channels for you to get guests from?

Have you used all the features of the booking channels effectively?

Does social media add value to your potential guests?

Long-term partners

I am knowledgeable, committed and, if you want, a longer-term help for your accommodation.

I can help you find the right partners for your accommodation. Whether it’s customer service, payment and reservation systems, or the implementation of your social media channels.

Let’s think together about what you need help with and create a working partnership!

Situations in the world change, so I think it’s only fair that you can end our partnership, even at a second’s notice.

Contact me, and let’s make your accommodation productive!

What else!

My company, Arctic Angle Ltd, provides a wide range of marketing services from photography to copywriting and website design.

I can provide you with a wide range of services to support your sales and marketing.

My network of contacts also includes styling and interior design services, cleaning companies, experience providers, translators and other skilled travel professionals!

Best regards, Nita

Majoittajan apuri Nita Juntura

Some of my partners and clients

Some of my partners and clients

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